When you are intending to purchase a residential property, there are different variables that ought to be remembered for this reason. The primary thing that comes into mind while purchasing another house is nearness to different conveniences, for example, instructive organization, commercial center, shopping complex, and each one of those offices that are related with everyday exercises. Thus, purchasing a residential property likewise relies upon the quantity of individuals in the family who should dwell together. Be that as it may, while purchasing another house or loft, the choices in the family depend as per the nearness of youthful kids. In this manner, another house should dependably be arranged close instructive foundations. To put it plainly, a family should have the chance to examine a couple of schools or consider their audits previously purchasing a house in the event that they have kids.


The accompanying components have been compressed for purchasing a decent home:

*Investigation of the house is imperative especially in the event that you have intended to wander into a second hand lodging opportunity.

*The view from the new house is one of the real choices that are considered by a few purchasers who are extremely worried about the stylish interest of the region.

*In any case, there are a few people who are to a great degree worried about the encompassing regions. For example, the territory ought to be near people in general courtesies, for example, fire administrations and police headquarters.

*The following thing that turns into an essential purpose of worry for families with kids is the area of schools. For the most part, the costs move upwards when it is situated in a great place inside the city premises. Be that as it may, the state of the property ought to likewise when check goes to the selection of properties.

*To the extent areas of schools are concerned, the open doors will contrast in view of the way of life of the city in which the property is found.

*Besides, the property ought to have legitimate availability with air terminal, streets, railroads or metro.

*The commercial center ought to be situated in a helpful place in spite of the fact that remaining too near to the market territories makes the property excessively congested.

While the focuses that we have examined above, features a portion of the best open doors that should be used or conceived before purchasing a property, there are umpteen viewpoints that are forgotten by a larger part of purchasers while property ventures are considered. Other than this, the property ought to have security and protection highlights whether it is acquired for living or giving it to lease.

Purchasing Flats in Kochi with every one of the highlights of accommodation is likely the most overwhelming undertaking that is looked by a great many people despite the fact that; it is hard to land at a conclusion with regards to the decision of a positive property. Counseling the land operators is maybe the best thought for property determination as a result of their insight and skill on this issue despite the fact that talks with engineers ought to be abstained from amid the underlying stage. Purchasing another living arrangement is something that ought to enable purchasers to have most prominent accommodation and a calm mood while remaining in the area.



Apartments vs Villas: How to Make the Right Choice

The two most prevalent alternatives that race the psyches of individuals with regards to purchasing a house are Apartments and Villas. Purchasing a house is a pivotal choice and understanding what will give you a superior ROI and which of them is a superior land speculation is critical. Look at a couple of snappy tips beneath that will enable you to settle on a correct choice that will best suit your way of life.


* Advantage of Facilities

While the two apartments and villas give you an extensive variety of offices in like manner like exercise room, swimming pools, b-ball courts, recreational focuses and substantially more, villas have their own particular advantages of having an in-house plant, extravagant living spaces, restrictive stopping territory, finish security and that’s just the beginning. The cost of an estate is any day on a higher side yet the advantages you get in a manor makes it worth each penny.

* Exciting Community Living

Apartments are the best cases of a flawless group living, For social butterflies vigilant to meet new individuals or for a happy family or for the single guys who have recently moved to another city or the first run through home purchasers, condo is the best alternative as it is more secure, fun and gives you the solace of having individuals around. The flat group as often as possible runs a considerable measure of occasions inside the grounds that enables the inhabitant to associate with the neighbors and bond with them. The people group life is constantly fun with fluctuated societies joined into one delightful relationship.

* Individual Space and Privacy

Security is a standout amongst the most vital factors in a house and no better place to discover the greatest protection than in villas. With the developing populace, apartments, for the most part, have more request and thus are stuffed. A few people favor group living while the others require a specific measure of individual space and isolation, and villas are an ideal place for this prime component.

* An Opportunity to Customize your House

A standout amongst the best advantages of owning an estate is the flexibility of being the specialist to your home. You get the opportunity to be the ace of your outline and strategize your home with what you feel is generally fit. This isn’t conceivable in apartments as there will be requirements with regards to space and size. You can’t grow your loft past a specific estimation and will be compelled to manage with what is given. Henceforth, in the event that you seek to be the draftsman behind your home, Villas will be the best fit for you.

* Finish Safety and Security

Another factor that is critical while considering a condo is the advantage of security. Since it is a group, there will be a most extreme wellbeing that is ensured to every one of the inhabitants. From proficient security watches checking and confirming each guest to supportive neighbors will guarantee an impeccably safe environment to live in, though in villas there isn’t as much as security as gave in apartments unless it is group villas. In spite of the fact that there is fundamental security gave, a large portion of it has depended on the security introduced in each house, contingent upon the purchaser.

* Extravagance of Multiple Storied House

The advantage of having two stories in your home is a suggestion to not make due with less when you can have more available to you. The accommodation of living in ease is augmented when you have all the more moving space in your home. Villas offer you this selective component which enables you to make more storage space and incorporate different utility rooms in your own particular house, for example, an investigation lobby, your own garden where you can develop your own particular natural vegetables, and so forth.

* Cost Affairs/Price Points

Apartments are any day a more advantageous speculation choice as the cost of the loft is constantly less expensive than villas. It doesn’t end at simply the price tag of the properties, villas are additionally costly with regards to a consistent support or the month to month upkeep charges which makes it a persistent venture all through the proprietorship while apartments are more financially savvy with bringing down spends after the underlying speculation.

These are some of the parameters that you can consider while making the biggest decision of your lifetime, buying your Flats in Kochi. Happy house hunting!

Livit Harmony – A house for you, a playground for kids, a home for all!

The possibility of purchasing another home is testing enough independent from anyone else, and with a family and youngsters in the blend, you have a blend of things to consider. As family and children’s needs become the dominant focal point, everything comes down to finding a place where they can feel at home– a sheltered and cheerful condition to rest, play, learn, develop and advance no nonsense.


In a cosmopolitan city clamoring with life, as Kochi, finding a family-accommodating neighborhood implies you have your work cut out. Subsequently, rural homes in the more divided out Kochi locale are getting consideration from youthful couples, guardians and families. Livit Homes offers incredible breadth for family-accommodating homes, and Livit Harmony by Livit Homes is a stellar case of that. The property is ready to occupy now.

Here’s a head begin on what makes Livit Harmony the ideal relationship to children’s heaven:

  • Statistic Edge

Situated in the Metro City, Livit Harmony embodies the very quintessence of free-vivacious rural way of life. Here, you get the chance to encounter life cleansed off the vexing noise and unexceptional of the city, but then appreciate each and every courtesy you and your children will ever require. Add to that components of peace and well disposed communities– and you have yourself a great place to call home.

  • Availability

Bringing up youngsters conveys a considerable measure of responsibility– treks to medicinal focuses, scientific experts, general stores, children’s stores, and so on are all piece of the amusement and availability is the key. Great schools are similarly critical. Livit Harmony is situated inside closeness to instructive wonders giving you simple access to world-class training for your little ones.

Livit Harmony’s area encourages simple drive for residential assistants and babysitters – individuals you will come to depend on intensely when you have little tots going crazy all over the house!

  • Well being and Security

Wellbeing is a noteworthy zone with kids into the condition. With 360-degree reconnaissance and gated group, each one of those worries inspire put to rest at Livit Harmony, particularly with the learning that your children are similarly as sheltered outside as inside your home.

  • The Right Size

It’s imperative for guardians or couples with an infant while in transit to take a gander at an imminent home through the viewpoint of a youngster. Will it have enough space for children to play? Will it meet your family development designs? Is the open air zone enough? Livit Harmony answers every one of these predicaments with open 2 and 3-BHK apartments that fit the ‘family’ charge fine and dandy.

Picking a home for your family denotes the start of another life– so pick right and commence the adventure to a superb life ahead! Book your dream flats in Kochi from Livit Homes now.


  • Hues for your disposition

With regards to divider hues, they are known to impact the inhabitants’ mind-sets extensively and consequently, can’t be messed with. You frequently discover moment association with articles and places in hues you adore. Also, might grieve the downfall of the rich cream palette your most loved espresso put had until the point that it had an unpleasant blue makeover, which truth be told, your significant other loves. One can contend that it has a great deal to do shading brain research than whatever else. Yet, these unobtrusive reactions to hues are noteworthy while choosing paints for your home. That is the reason, a taking a seat with your family is totally important to focus in on room hues. The outsides are vital to give a favor early introduction however it’s the insides you should concentrate on as they will be your consistent associates.


  • Looking for paints

Settle on a subject before embarking to paint the house. An advanced and trendy house that spells extravagance from back to front requires a sensitive and complex approach. You can’t disregard the shade of the floor or the material utilized for rooftop (for e.g., wood) while looking for paints. Each and every thing in the house needs to run with each other without being evident and divider hues assume an incomparable part in keeping the agreement in place. On the off chance that the shade of your room is giving you a cerebral pain rather than the peace and quiet you were seeking after, it’s chance you transformed it. In the event that you have children, it’s constantly better to pick paints that are gleaming and simple to clean. Select latex or oil based paint. In the event that you are a moderate on a fundamental level, run with a pastel shading palette (beige, white, cream and so on), which won’t just accentuate your gathering of collectibles and workmanship, however will likewise give the home its genuinely necessary style. Be that as it may, you can simply energize your children’s rooms with neon and loco shades.

  • Intense and wonderful

In any case, it about time we changed our point of view about hues. In the event that you are energetic, eager and dependably up for something fun and daring, you ought to go for hues that suit your identity. Intense shades with surfaces and shapes are accessible in the market and the main thing you have to do is to go for them. Try not to avoid vermillion and fuschia if those are hues that energize you. Hurl nuance and grasp what you adore. Put resources into hues that lift up your spirits in a jiffy. On the off chance that you would prefer not to go boisterous the distance, give reflexive casings to your dividers by painting your windows and entryways a brilliant shade.

Choose the best colors for your dream home.  Livit Homes is one of the trusted builders in kochi who is offering luxury Apartments in Kochi near UC College with high class amenities. Book your dream flats in Aluva now. 

Checklist for a flat dwellers


* Security: Check whether the apartment are kept an eye on with security monitors, and have controlled passage and exit. Likewise settle on a flat/apartment with great reconnaissance camera framework.

* Outline Safety: The plan and auxiliary security of your flat is a compulsory thing to check. Even railing in the gallery is a major No – No. Vertical rails maintain a strategic distance from the shot of your youngster hopping on it and any consequent risk. One primary viewpoint is to check the hole between the two neighboring rails. It ought to be under 10 cm. Every one of the lifts ought to be blue pencil controlled and the calling catch ought to have adequate range from the floor.

*  Closeness: Always ensure that there are famous schools, child cares, pulverizes and so forth close to your loft. Living nearer to your kids’ school can give you a more prominent genuine feelings of serenity and solace.

* Kids’ play range: A very much prepared kids’ play territory will urge your kid to play with other kids. This will help your tyke to create physical, subjective, passionate and social prosperity.

* Huge open space: An expansive condo/estate with plentiful open space is an open door for your kids to move uninhibitedly. Substantial open spaces give rich natural air and keep your kid far from the clamor of movement.

* Indoor diversions room: Indoor amusements stay with types of gear like Foose table, Table Tennis, Table Ice Hockey, caroms, chess, Air Hockey is something any youngster appreciates.

* Access to different civilities: The foundation like multi-reason entertainment lobby, party region will give much expected space to praise your child’s birthday and other essential days with all its loftiness.

* All around ventilated rooms: A congested home is a genuine trap for your tyke. All around ventilated rooms with greatest cross ventilation give characteristic light and air. The floor-roof stature ought to be sufficient.

* Power go down: It is awful to have control disappointment amidst the investigation hours of your kid. Continuously choose an estate/loft with 24*7 power reinforcement. This will help you youngsters in ponder and get their work done with no interference.


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Why premium Apartments in Kochi

In light of the eye getting ascend in Indian Economy, the interest for luxury, semi luxury and ultra luxury or can be called as premium housing,is hence developing in Kerala Real Estate Sector. This announcement is characterized with the quick urbanization and higher extra cash, with the new offerings that is stamped for the most part in Kochi and its adjacent locations. Reasons to Own an Apartment in Kochi has achieved its immersion purpose of auxiliary improvement, the designers are getting centered around the close-by urban areas that are pronounced as Smart City.


The principle truth for the developing pattern for premium lodging is for the rising way of life desires that need to coordinate with the gaining limits. The salaried and in addition the business people love to decide on the premium lodging alternatives in light of the profoundly characterized offices in the premium lodging edifices. The luxury apartments in Cochin would turn out to be the most advantageous and premium lodging determination for the property financial specialists of a honorable class. The land firms, stamping on the very rising requests of premium lodgings in the conspicuous areas of real urban communities like Kochi are putting forth the prepared to move flats in kochi available to be purchased that includes all currently characterized offices that are of universal degrees. The private tasks are produced by the top of the line land organization that is confronting testing stages yet as the  Luxury showcase is developing each year with the requests of the NRIs.

Ready to Occupy Apartments in Kochi : Livit Harmony

In case you’re hoping to purchase your first home, you’re in all likelihood going to look for a prepared to possess level. If not, you ought to be! Why? Since you will save money on long stretches of lease paying – since you can move into your own one of a kind home instantly, you won’t need to spend on some place to remain meanwhile. With atomic families winding up increasingly normal, this is a colossal accommodation to the end client. The present land atmosphere is especially obliging to this pattern, with the current Repo-rate cut by RBI and the enhancing monetary condition. It’s an extraordinary time to put resources into land, and for what reason not have the capacity to appreciate the products of your venture quickly?


Here’s a point-by-point lowdown on the benefits of prepared to-involve.

There’s no holding up included. You can move into your own particular home, or lease it out on the off chance that you so pick, promptly. In this manner you immediately observe an arrival on your venture, while you would need to hold up months, maybe years, for an under development level.

What you see is the thing that you get. With a prepared to-possess level, you can see the last item, though an under development level is subject to change in view of different factors and includes a considerable measure of trust in the manufacturer.

No startling hindrances. An under development item can encounter delays, changes in the initially arranged design, issues because of changes in administration, value vacillations, and a large group of legitimate difficulties, though a prepared to-possess level makes everything significantly more basic.

Tax breaks. There are a few duty points of interest accessible to home purchasers as per the Income Tax Act of 1958. For instance, here’s one – you are qualified for a 2 lakh finding for every year on the intrigue paid for the credit on your first home, and can deduct the whole intrigue installment on your second home while figuring your salary impose. You’ll see that early ownership accompanies a lot of timely riser favorable circumstances!

Value appreciation. Once the venture is completely prepared and operation, it increases another 10%-15% gratefulness relying upon enhancements, inhabitance, and different components.

No lease! Prepared to-possess pads are best for end clients as they wipe out the requirement for lease. You can move in as fast and effortlessly as you would in a leased level, aside from with no lease! Also, in the event that you are a speculator who is leasing the level out to another person, the lease cash deals with the EMI on the level.

So there you have it! Own the best luxury Apartments in Kochi from Livit Homes. This ready to occupy project is located nearer to UC College, Aluva with 2 and 3 Bhk Units. Book your dream flats in Aluva now.

Flats in Kochi as smart investment opportunities.

Setting up a fatherland in the metro asphalt jungle, of buried, a stunner to manifold Indians, birthplace and abroad. Flats in Kochi have acquire not unattended a coveted angle of outspoken estate ownership but by the same token an banking opportunity. With the transport of India’s alternately metro rail undertaking in a Tier- II concrete jungle and the burgeoning struggle that is the Info cover, the city in a new york minute boasts of increasing service opportunities by the year and complacent microeconomics. No assess arises incidentally why Kochi is a desirable lot in Kerala.



Realty in India was wrongly believed to have been insulated completely the be economic recession. Though the slowdown clearly impacted the outspoken estate piece of action, Kochi slowly and bit by bit worked its way am a source of strength into job and is in a new york minute safely finance on bring up the rear thanks to the peaceful interest rates on fatherland loans, the debut of meaningless currency and darling investment.

Bidding on the city’s on up and up estate, specially embarking on purchase villa projects, has address oneself to the censure of the day. While large amount freely relocate, many others dilapidated or hire out plot and did a bang up job to rummage in revenue. In article, flats in Kochi have ready become action symbols for lakhs of residents in the city. The outlay of the territory along mutually construction, labour and outlay costs no ifs and or buts about it earn these homeowners the voucher of capable investors. Combined by the whole of the city’s steep heritage arm and a leg, flats in Aluva are in a new york minute becoming venues for engagement in activity application space, residential back forty and are units by all of development potential.

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Kochi is a market seldom waiting to materialize and it has for the most part the force to shake into a presence class city. The multitude for a well known development is earlier in place. The connectivity by aisle, metro and ferry has righteous and is in the style of getting better.

The Kochi Metro Rail function commit positively effort city’s on up and up estate market. For manifold forever and ever, Kochi was not regarded as a dynamic trustworthy estate market. However, this en route changing sometime am a source of strength especially in the outspoken estate at the cutting edge by all of champion IT companies making a direct for the city. Metro rail project is the latest in the cut a track for the conversion of Kochi.

The metro has carried the outspoken estate game plan of many cities, Delhi considering the most coup example. The immediate circle to metro has add a masterpiece selling connect for all the developers and realtors. It is true that owning a back forty by a metro sphere has its put a lock on benefits in restriction of the forever and a day appreciation expected unsound of it.

The across the street areas of metro stations will further see a gat back in shape in property values, as people comfort the intermission of stride the outlook to national association of securities dealers automated quotation the train. Additionally, the trade of one properties will besides become easier as a wealthy number of buyers toil to low-cost property at such enjoyable locations.

Experts the size of it that, shortly would be the what is coming to one time to invest. If you are stretched toward to bought for a song an affordable flats in aluva with luxury all the comforts of home Livit Homes is the outstanding option.


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Real Estate Trends in Kerala

There are many advantages in putting resources into real estate. In a general sense it includes acquiring of property/real estate for picking up benefits. Extent of advantages of speculation whether it is done in townhouses, single family house, extravagance condos, pre construction real estate and pre-propelled ventures. This variable is additionally impacted by appropriate and noticeable areas clubbed with accessibility of all kind of regular offices. Real estate in Kerala is demonstrating a blast pattern nowadays and flats in Trivandrum and manors in Trivandrum are sought after, fundamentally due the accompanying variables:

1) Appreciation: Most individuals put resources into real estate for procuring benefit on short or long haul premise. The more drawn out the period the higher the benefit and as and when a financial specialist finds a decent open door, he appreciates the advantages of interest in real estate.

2) Rental salary: People who would prefer not to offer their continually acknowledging properties; they develop it for extra advantage and lease same for getting a charge out of customary month to month rental pay which makes them monetarily solid for further speculations.

3) Best wellspring of venture: Farsighted individuals would like to put resources into real estate as it the most secure of all in light of the way that advantages of interest in real estate will get better returns without much work when contrasted with different sources.

4) Value expansion: If a man purchases a property with single or twofold story old structure, he evacuates the old structure and develop a multi-story building and offers the floors at climbed rates along these lines procuring boundless advantages of interest in real estate.

Are you planning to invest in the land of Kerala. Livit Homes , the trusted builders in Kochi presenting ready to occupy apartments in Cochin with 2 & 3 Bedroom Units. It is located near UC College, Aluva. Livit Harmony have easy access to UC College, Metro Station , Schools, Colleges etc. Enjoy the luxury living in kochi from Livit Homes ( Flats in aluva ) now.